Pitve - Vrisnik - Svirče

These villages managed to preserve their centuries-old rural architecture - small village squares, narrow streets and households that consisted of a house with a courtyard, a well and a small shed for cattle. It is worth taking the 12 km trip to these villages that offer an original and unforgettable experience.

Pitve consists of two parts: Old or Gornje (Upper) Pitve and New or Donje (Lower) Pitve. Gornje Pitve provides the most magnificent view of the large valley, the Island of Brac, the Hvar channel, Jelsa and the surrounding area of Vrboska, Mt. Biokovo and the Makarska coastline.

Vrisnik was built on the slopes of a hill, using drystone support walls that shape the area within which houses, courts and gardens were built, which makes Vrisnik very appealing.

Svirce is situated at the foot of St. Nikola, the highest peak on the Island (626 m), where on a clear day one can see all the way to the Italian coast (152 km), a number of Dalmatian islands and the Adriatic coastline.