White wines

Bogdanuša hvarska, 0.75 l

Bogdanuša is a quality white wine with a Designation of Origin label. It is produced from the autochthonous Bogdanuša cultivar which grows in a limited area of the Stari Grad - Jelsa vineyards on the island of Hvar. It is said that, thanks to its exquisite quality, this wine was served on religious holidays, hence its name (Bog = the God; dan = given). (www.dalmacijavino.hr)


A quality wine of golden color, high alcohol content, full-bodied with a specific aroma and taste. It is produced from the Pošip cultivar. It is best served at 14 °C with spicy dishes, piquant cheeses or grilled fish. (www.pz-svirce.hr)

Sv. Klement –Pošip

Sv. Klement (Pošip) is a new wine produced from the grapes of the Pošip variety, from a new vineyard situated on a small island called Sv. Klement (St. Clement), run by the Bracanović family. Since Sv. Klement is a new wine, it does not yet have a Designation of Origin or grape variety specified on the label, but its quality can speak for itself. (www.bastijana.hr)


A dry white quality wine blended from the Bogdanuša, Trebljan, Parč, Toscano and other varieties growing on the northern slopes of the island of Hvar. Its aroma, bouquet and taste represent the entire experience of the island. Alcohol content 11 % vol. (www.pz-svirce.hr)