Poljica oil mill

Wishing to preserve the traditional method of processing olives on the island of Hvar, and with the help of the island's enthusiasts, Zoran Matijašević invested years of knowledge and experience into starting his own oil mill within his "Mediteran" trade. His oil mill is located in the small town of Poljica, in the Municipality of Jelsa. It is the only oil mill in which olive oil is produced using the traditional method – by grinding olives using millstones.

Regardless of its modernization, this mill has managed to retain all of its producers and even attracted some new ones which prefer to produce cold pressed olive oil.

In this particular mill olives have always been processed in the traditional manner using no heat, with the intention of preserving the quality of the oil, its special aroma, density and color, which is in line with the recommendation of the World Health Organization to preserve and promote the Mediterranean diet based on an environmentally friendly production of high quality olive oil with a clear designation of origin – from the Dalmatian islands.

Zoran Matijašević
Uljara "Mediteran"
HR-21 465 Jelsa, o. Hvar
phone: +385 (0)21 761 986
mob.: +395 (0)98 1690 340
e-mail: zoran.matijasevic1@st.t-com.hr