Rubin family farm, Jelsa

The Rubin family farm is an example of a successful family business in which all family members participate. They have successfully tied farming with tourism. On their estate they produce olives, but also keep honeybees and produce various types of honey characteristic for the island of Hvar – rosemary, sage, lavender, heather, strawberry tree and other, as well as other products. During the summer months the family offers its services to tourists. In 2006, they received a County award in Makarska for landscape design. Along with honey and olive oil, the farm also offers homemade wine, prošek (dessert wine made from dried wine grapes), brandy, figs, almonds and olives.

Juraj Rubin
Račić bb
HR-21 465 Jelsa, o. Hvar
phone: +385 (0)21 761 145

The honey of Hvar

The entire island of Hvar is a medicinal island. A true aromatic garden of the Mediterranean. Intoxicating fragrances of rosemary, sage, lavender, heather and strawberry tree lift one's spirit on this island (and especially its southern slopes) which has the highest temperatures and the most hours of sunshine in the Adriatic sea. There are also honeybees that turn the nectar of those medicinal plants into honey, which is characteristic of the island of Hvar.

A long time ago people started keeping bees in this heavenly garden. Certain archeological findings indicate beekeeping was important during Roman times. Fragments of cylinder-shaped hives made from baked clay were found on four sites on the island of Hvar.

There are over 100 beekeepers on the island of Hvar today, with about 3000 hives. As of 1995, about 50 of them are members of the Lavender Beekeepers' Society.

On the island of Hvar rosemary is in bloom from mid February to mid April. It is a conifer herb that can grow up to two meters in height. Honey made from rosemary is clear and transparent, has a mild taste and is one of the finest types of honey.

U travnju i svibnju procvatu medonosne kadulje. Daju obilje nektara kada je toplo vrijeme uz puno vlage. Kaduljin med je svijetložute, pomalo zelenkaste boje i miriše kao i cvijet. Jako je popularan jer je poznat njegov ljekoviti utjecaj na dišne organe.

April and May see sage in bloom with an abundance of nectar if the weather is warm and humid. Sage honey is light, greenish- yellow and smells of sage flowers. It is widely popular mainly due to its medicinal effect on the respiratory system.

Lavender is a favorite among beekeepers. It blooms in June and July, the color of its honey is light and the smell is extremely aromatic. Lavender honey is especially recommended for pregnant women and is known for its calming effect.

Both heather and tree heath grow on the island of Hvar. These are evergreen shrubs with purple and white flowers. Tree heath flowers in spring, and heather in September. The quantity of honey produced depends on the rainfall during blooming. Heather honey is light in color, dense and has a pleasant smell. It is recommended for people with rheumatic diseases, gout and urinary tract diseases.

Towards the end of the year, in October, November and December, the strawberry tree produces a bitter tasting honey.

All of the honey produced on the island of Hvar during the course of the year is sold in the same year to a growing population of faithful honey-lovers.